Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border

WHAT IF you could rely on your dressing choice even if the exudate level increases?

According to the WUWHS consensus document, superabsorbent polymer (SAP) dressings are versatile with a growing use in exuding wounds[1].

SAP dressings offer multiple benefits; optimising wound bed moisture level, protecting the surrounding skin, manage symptoms and improve patient quality of life[1].

It's effective absorption and retention abilities helps avoid leakage and maceration whilst maintaining an optimal microclimate for wound[1,2,3] healing. Whilst alleviating concerns of odour and leakage for your patient and providing atraumatic dressing changes thanks to the soft silicone contact layer[1,2,4].

This specially designed product comes with a high degree of versatility, and it's easy and intuitive application makes it a suitable treatment for both acute and chronic wounds.

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Designed to prevent exudate-related complications

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